Welcome to Songs That Sound Like Other Songs

This is the obviously personal website of William Meyer (me), that brings together two of my favorite subjects: music and people. (Well, not people, cause I listen to music as a way of avoiding people, but music at least!) In an earlier version it was just songs that sounded like other songs, but that was too limiting so I threw it open to the whole of the human condition! – the way songs speak to us, what songs mean, what we want them to mean, …

My aim on this site is to have something for everyone, for musical priests and the laity, a variety of genres and time periods.

If you have things you think I should add to this site, corrections, comments, e-mail me at

williamuumeyer (replace the two you's with w)



I put a spam filter on emails to my site address, and since then haven't received anything non-spam.

Also, if you send me something that I might put on the site, let me know if I should credit you, and if so whether to use your name, what name to use, etc.

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