Movie cliches

Someone, in frustration, bashing the earpiece of a public phone (or other phone) against the phone base

Charlie Sheen, in The Arrival

Robert DeNiro, in Goodfellas

My friend's idea of the movie scene where someone gives an impassioned speech before an uncomprehending or opposed audience (Footloose?), and one person stands up, starts clapping slowly, and is gradually joined by more and more audience members clapping.

People I get confused (honk if you do too)

The Brunettes: Match the suave, handsome brunette actors whose first names begin with "Ro"

Robert Vaughn

Robert Wagner

Robert Conrad

Robert Culp

Roger Moore

Robert Goulet

The Blondes: Match the light-hair color villains or sometimes-villains, whose names, though not the same, kind of lead into one another

James Coburn

Jason Robards

George Peppard

Lee Marvin

Lee Van Cleef


De-prav-id Letterman

I was looking at the cover of Billy Swan's I Can Help album and I was planning to make the joke that the swan-in-the-bathtub idea is so hackneyed and overused (the joke being that it's not). And then I got it …

In photos of Peter Green on the inside cover of the John Mayall, Lookin' Back album Peter Green looks like Adam Sandler

Misc. and non-music observations

Montaigne: “Agreement is absolutely boring in conversation. And it can't be said how much we lose and degenerate by continual intercourse with poor and sickly minds. No contagion spreads as that does.”

[This entry gives an idea of how long ago I wrote this stuff] The Baked Lays commercial –

the models in the commercial are drinking while fishing on a dock (with leering middle-age men fishing on another dock). In another commercial in the series the models are drinking while playing cards. In both commercials the models are acting “broad” shall we say in a way that might be interpreted as drunkenness – in other words they could be said to be “baked,” and who wouldn't want to “get laid” by models. Thus the models are “baked (fantasy) lays.”

The world's second oldest profession

I'm trying to compile a list of professions that have been called “the world's second oldest profession.” I know I've seen at least Veterinary Medicine but certainly there are many others

Band name: No Wet Parts

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