Guillermo's Latin mix

The origin of this mix, this is the awesome-est track from an EGC's greatest hits tape from the mid-'70s

Turtle soup. I listened to “super GAGU(?),” a latin station here in NYC for a few months in 1991 or so, and this was the most memorable number I heard. I found the 12” about a year ago

This nifty seemingly faux-Latin (Castellanos?) 45 sounds authentic enough to me. Finding it pushed me over the edge into thinking I had enough material for this mix

The two Barretto (mid-'60s to mid-'70s spanning) numbers I have on K-tel-style comps of American hits. RB's El Watusi also appears, along with Mongo Santamaria's Watermelon Man and Viva Tirado, on the tremendous “Soul” volume of Rhino's Instrumental hits series. I don't know if Rene Bloch is latin, but Mambo Watusi rocks. (I don't have the Herbie Hancock version of Watermelon Man; if I did I might have thrown that in)

Great, low trombone “blats” starting around .55

Update: Coney Island (August, 09), I heard this coming from one of those street dance/rap mixes that people sell on tables

Date Added: 7/4/2006

A certain kind of locationally oriented bombastic art rock "big songs"

Dave Cousins of The Strawbs and Peter Gabriel sound somewhat alike. When I was like 12 I read a review in which the third and fourth songs below were written about as being alike. This first set me on the trail of The Strawbs, who are kind of like a combination of Genesis and Jethro Tull, who, after several periods of bearing them in shame, I'm confident enough to say are two of my favorite groups, certainly my two favorite art rock groups

Beside the Rio Grande – The Strawbs

Soldier's Tale – The Strawbs

Down by the Sea – The Strawbs

Down the Dolce Vita – Peter Gabriel

"Town songs"

That invoke the feeling of living in a town, a la “Penny Lane.” Artistically embodied populism

Moribund the Burgermeister – Peter Gabriel

Harold the Barrel – Genesis

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